Author (s): Moris Shalikashvili
Birth Date: 1973-08-10
Language: Eng
Gender: მამრობითი

About Author

Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of TSU; graduated Legal studies from Tbilisi State University; 1997 – 2002 studied at the Law Faculty of the University of Hamburg (Germany), went on to complete postgraduate and PhD studies at the same university. Served as Adviser to the Public Defender of Georgia, Chief specialist at the Justice Department and Analyst at the Department of Public Relations; worked in the Supreme Council of Justice of Georgia, as Consultant at the Division of Legal Issues and Analysis. Since 2013 when he founded a joint research centre at TSU and the Ministry of Corrections, he has remained a member of The Prison Study Centre. Since January 2014 he is Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Law at TSU and is author of about 20 scholarly publications and grant projects.