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The Legal Entity of Public Law National Assessment and Examinations Center (NAEC) was established on the 5th of July 2002 by the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. It is the largest professional organization acting in the field of assessment throughout the country. NAEC aims at improving the quality of education through valid, fair and reliable assessment and research. For more than 14 years NAEC has been a sole managing body for the large scale high-stake exams in Georgia.

How It All Started Prior to the establishment of NAEC, back in 1999, the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia started to implement Realignment and Strengthening Program of Georgian Education System, funded by the World Bank. The Ministry set up an assessment component within the framework of the Program. The staff of the component was sent to well-established assessment centers in Europe for the professional retraining. The mentioned team of qualified professionals also participated in program preparation. Initially there were two subject groups in the assessment component (Georgian Language & Literature and Mathematics), which were assigned to prepare National Examinations for basic schools (grade IX). A Modern Foreign Language (English, German, French and Russian) group was added later. In 2001 a nationwide piloting of the Examination tests was carried out in all three subjects. Due to ultimate success and a high level of trust in the fairness of the following examinations a political decision to create an independent public entity with broader competences was made.

Recent Developments

Since then the LEPL National Assessment and Examinations Center has carried out not only paper-and-pencil test or CBT but also one of the largest scale computer adaptive testing throughout Europe.

A team of 200 devoted professionals is still striving for excellence and is ready to share knowledge and experience in the field of assessment to all the interested potential partner organizations as well as individuals throughout the country and around the globe.