Author (s): Guliza Liparteliani
Birth Date: 1950-01-01
Language: Eng
Gender: მდედრობითი

About Author


1962 - Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Faculty of Geography - Geology.

1979 - PhD in geography, Kiev Institute of Geography of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.


Work Experience:

2009 - present - Senior Researcher of the Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography.

2006-2011 - TSU Invited lecturer.

1980-2006 - Associate Professor of the Department of Cartography - Geodesy and Geoinformatics.

1980-2002 - Head of the Cartography Sector of the Scientific-Research Institute of Economy and Management.

1968-1980 - Assistant at the TSU Department of Cartography - Geodesy.

1964-1968 - Postgraduate student of the Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography.

1962-1964 - Department of Cartography and GIS Laboratory of the Vakhushti Bagrationi Institute of Geography, Designer - Cartographer.

 Scientific papers:

Author of 85 scientific works. Among them:

1. Terminological Reference Book of Geographical Cartography. Publishing House "Universali", Tbilisi, 2012.

2. Big Atlas of the World (Publisher “Millennium House”). Editor-cartographer of the Georgian edition. Publishing house "Palitra L", 2008, 2010, 2012;

3. Administrative Map of Georgia,  1:2 500 000. "Our dignities", Book 2,

Publishing House  "M P G", Tbilisi, 2012.

4. On Scientific and Practical Sovereignty of Cartography. "Geographical Journal of Caucasus", 7-8, 2007, p. 25-30.

5. The "Red Book" Animals of Georgia. The teaching wall map of 1:600 ​​000, JSC "Cartography", Tbilisi, 2004.
6. Georgian Tea and Georgian Wine.  Map - brochures, 1996, 2000;

7. Social and Economic Cartography. Manual for Students, Tbilisi, 2004.

 Participation in professional organizations:

Member of the Scientific Board of the Geographical Society of Georgia;

Member of the Scientific Board of the Association of Georgian Cartographers.