Author (s): Tamar Makharadze

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About Author

Tamar Makharadze, PhD in Public Policy, Associate Professor, Head of Disability Research Center

Research Topics

  • Disability,
    • Mental health ,
    • Social policy,
    • Education.

Tamar Makharadze, PhD in Public Policy,

Associate Professor, Head of Disability Research Center Tamar.makharadze@tsu.ge


Membership of Professional Bodies/Associations

Member of Georgian Association of Social Workers.


Scientific-Research Project(s)

  • Research project “ Employment of persons with disabilities in Georgia – Lessons from Poland, Hungary and Czech Republic” – funded by the International Visegrad Foundation
  • EU Funded project “Quality Enhancement and Capacity Building Support Program in VET Sector of Georgia
    • GIZ funded project ” Evaluation of Environmental Education in Georgia “
  • OSI funded Research Project studying problems of the care givers of adolescents with developmental disabilities in Georgia
  • Caucasus Research Resource Center (CRRC) Research Publication Fellowship – Comparative Analysis of Disability Policy in USA and Georgia


Course Involvement

  • Contemporary Social Problems
  • Human Behavior in Social Environment
  • Social Work with Groups and Organizations
  • Mental Health Policy


Principal and Recent (last 5 years) Publications

  • Makharadze T. (2010) Social Integration of adults with intellectual disabilities - Lessons from Poland and the United States. International Social Work 53 (1): 1-13
  • Makharadze T., Kitiashvili A. & Bricout J. (2010) Community Based Day-Care Services for People with Intellectual Disabilities in Georgia – A Step Forward Toward Their Social Integration. Journal of Intellectual Disabilities 14 (4): 289-301
    • Sumbadze, N. & Makharadze,T (2010). Interpersonal Relationships. Tbilisi: Porma (in Georgian)
  • Makharadze,T. (2013) . Encouragement of Employment of Persons wth Disabilities – Handbook for Employeers. Caritas.
  • Makharadze,T.,Ratiani, M., Sumabdze, N., Maisuradze, M, Zhvania, I., Abashidze, T, & Kitiashvili A. (2014). Evaluation of Envitonemental Education in Georgia. LEPL Environmental Information and Education Centre, Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Protection of Georgia.