Author (s): Pavle Ingorokva
Birth Date: 1893-01-01
Language: Eng
Gender: მამრობითი

About Author

Pavle Ingorokva (Georgian: პავლე ინგოროყვა) (January 1, 1893 in Poti – November 20, 1983 in Tbilisi) was a Georgian historian, philologist, and public benefactor.

He graduated from the University of St. Petersburg (1916). In 1917 he was one of the founders of the Union of Georgian Writers. In 1917-1919 he was a member of the „National Council of Georgia“. On May 26, 1918 Ingorokva signed the „Act of Independence of Georgia“. In 1921 he protested the occupation of Georgia by the Bolshevist Russia, in 1921-1923 Ingorokva was a member of the group „Shavchokhianebi“ („Blackchokhians“). In 1924-1925, he was the editor-in-chief of the Georgian scientific and literary Journal Kavkasioni ("The Caucasus"). The Journal was closed by the Bolshevik regime.