Geopolitics And Security
Resource Type: E-Book
Date Of Issue: 2018
Author (s): Kornely Kakachia,
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Geopolitics And Security

(A New Strategy For The South Caucasus)

The South Caucasus region is at the nexus of various economic, political, and energy interests and is currently witnessing sonre of the world's most complex and dangerous challenges. It features weak states, direct and proxy wars, and a confluence of great power interests. It is also a prism for fundamental challenges to the international system, including separatism, security, energy transit, and infrastructure. Strategically, the South Caucasus sits at the crossroads of global markets: Central Asia and Chinatotheeast;TurkeyandEuropetothewest; Russia to the north; and Iran and the Middle East tothesouth. However, the lack of regional unityand unresolved frozen and protracted conflicts remain the biggest hurdles to developing a fimctioning regional security architecture and market. In this volume, authored by a group of international and regional scholars, the following questions are asked: What do recent geopolitical changes in the wider region and the growing activities of other regional powers such as Iran, Russia, and Turkey mean for the South Caucasus? How can the EU rmdertake a strategic shifi to widen its view of the region to include the wider Caucasus, Caspian, and Black Sea region?

The book is essential reading for students and researchers of the wider Black Sea region, the Eastern Partnership, energy and economic policy.

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The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS) is a political foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany. Democracy, peace and justice are the basic principles underlying the activities of KAS at home as well as abroad. The Foundation’s Regional Program South Caucasus conducts projects aiming at: Strengthening democratization processes, Promoting political participation of the people, Supporting social justice and sustainable economic development, Promoting peaceful conflict resolution, Supporting the region’s rapprochement with European structures.

The Georgian Institute of Politics (GIP) is a Tbilisi-based non-profit, in- dependent, research and analysis organization founded in early 2011. GIP strives to strengthen the organizational backbone of democratic institutions and promote good governance and development through policy research and advocacy in Georgia. It also encourages public participation in civil soci- ety-building and developing democratic processes in and outside of Georgia.

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