Author (s): Sergi Jorbenadze
Birth Date: 1987-09-27
Language: Eng
Gender: მამრობითი

About Author

Dr. Sergi Jorbenadze is an expert of civil law. His main field of expertise is: contract law, law of things (property), liability law. He has great experience in making contracts and preliminary negotiations. In addition to private law, Dr. Sergi Jorbenadze is an expert of one of the rarest spheres of legal market – media law. Dr. Jorbenadze is assistant at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University and visiting lecturer at different universities. He teaches not only on bachelors and magistrate level but also doctorate level. Dr. Jorbenadze is author of numerous publications including monography and co-author of commentaries of civil code.

 Dr. Sergi Jorbenadze’s working languages are Georgian, German, English and Russian.