Author (s): Rati Abuladze
Birth Date: 1970-01-01
Language: Eng
Gender: მამრობითი

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About Author
Georgian Technical University
Business-Engineering Faculty

     Mr Abuladze is an Associate Professor and Deputy Head of the Business Department at the Georgian Technical University. His research interests include: E-Governance, E-Government of Georgia; E-Commerce and Internet-Marketing. He earned his Ph.D. in Business Administration at the Georgian Technical University. Dr. Abuladze is an owner of the scholarship of Turkey, recipient of the Grant of the President of Georgia (Presidential Grant for Young Scientists), author of 70 scientific works, Professor (Contractor) of 4 Universities. He has published 5 Text-books. Abuladze is a supervisor and Expert of Master and Doctorate level students’ Dissertations at Georgian Technical University and the University of Georgia. He is also a chief of Master’s Dissertations Committee at the University of Georgia.