Author (s): Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani
Birth Date: 1658-10-24
Language: Eng
Gender: მამრობითი

About Author

Prince Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani (Georgian: სულხან-საბა ორბელიანი) (1658-1725) was a Georgian writer and diplomat. Sulkhan Orbeliani was born into the House of Orbeliani, with close ties to the Georgian royal Bagrationi dynasty. He was a great figure of the Renaissance; he was a remarkable fabulist, great lexicographer, translator, diplomat and scientist. The words of one of the French missioner, Jean Richard, brilliantly conform to his great authority among his contemporaries, "I believe him to be the father of all Georgia." Sulkhan Saba Orbeliani was born on 4 November 1658, in Village Tandzia near Bolnisi in the Kvemo Kartli. He spent his childhood and adolescence there. He was brought up at court of King Giorgi XI and got encyclopedic education due to the Great Palace Library. When he was 20–25 years old he wrote a collection of fables and tales “Sibrdzne Sitsruisa” (“Wisdom of Fancy”), which is a fruit of his observation over life. The reader feels how ably, deliberately and naturally the great creator interlaces some idea, intelligence and results of living observations in humans and animals. He knows the human nature, all its strong and weak points well. He describes various sides of human actions; he gives answers to many questions and you realize that a human should create kindness in his life. The next his work is The Georgian Dictionary which contained the encyclopedic elements excels with its advanced methodology and plenty of actual material (it is necessary to emphasize that “the world does not know the encyclopedia yet. Collection of these words is a great treasure. The first volume was published in 1754; The French Academy published the French language dictionary only in 1685” A. Jikia)